Marine Air Conditioning

Marine Air Conditioning Service & Installation

Stella services Marine Air Conditioning brands including Condaria, Dometic, Webasto and many more. We are also the service agents for our own brand of Marine Air Conditioning, Stellair.

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Marine Air Conditioning Service

Our experienced team are familiar with different forms of Marine Air-Conditioning including Chilled Water Systems, Direct Expansion Systems and Self-Contained Systems. We are fully equipped to perform repairs to various systems, including the pumps, compressors and all pipe work involved, right down to re-insulating the pipes to prevent condensation.

Marine Air Conditioning Installation

Not only do we provide you the best advice when choosing the right system for your vessel, but we also are equipped to size the system and follow through to complete the installation as well.

Our team has experience in fully plumbing and insulating Chilled Water Systems on vessels up to 70 meters in length and all the regular service items that crop up with these systems.

We also design and install our own Stella Self-Contained and Split-System air conditioning units on vessels that are 8m or more.

The range of Stellair Marine Self Contained Air-Conditioners combine years of engineering experience with manufacturing excellence to produce a range of self-contained and split system units that provide the best value for money available anywhere in the marketplace. 

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