Our Company Timeline

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Development of Stella over the past 20 years


Started Stella as one with a van and a toolbox from his apprenticeship

Stella was born from an ideal that the Australian Marine Industry should have access to the same quality, service and products as our counterparts around the world. The vision was to establish an engineering company that would not only provide bespoke engineering services but also bring access to some of the world brands which were not yet available in Australia.


Opened a workshop in Brisbane Marine Industry Park


Moved to Rivergate Marina in Brisbane


Established Stella Systems

Stella Systems was formed to address an opportunity in the market, and to deliver focused attention and support for our growing number of high quality OEM products and suppliers. In addition, Stella Systems concentrated our drive to achieve our overall manufacturing, importing and distribution goals.


Opened Gold Coast Workshop


Started manufacturing Stella Watermakers

Stella proudly initiates in-house manufacturing of Stella Watermakers, showcasing our commitment to quality control, innovation, and self reliance in providing sustainable water solutions for marine and land based applications.


Moved Gold Coast Workshop into The Boat Works


Moved Stella Systems to Ormeau

Stella Systems was formed to address an opportunity in the market, and to ensure support was a priority for our growing number of high quality OEM products and suppliers. Additionally, Stella Systems played a pivotal role in working towards our overall manufacturing, importing and distribution goals.


Purchased Fleet Hydrol

We personally worked on Fleet Hydrol’s Swim Platforms several times throughout 2015 to 2018 and immediately believed them to be second to none. When the opportunity arose to purchase Fleet Hydrol’s IP and keep the designs alive, we did just that.


Consolidated Stella to The Boat Works, Coomera

Stella achieves a significant milestone by merging its subsidiaries, Stella Marine and Stella Systems, consolidating expertise and resources to streamline operations and better serve our customers to provide comprehensive solutions. 


Purchased Navigator

Stella acquires Navigator, a renowned Australian manufacturer of marine helm chairs, enhancing our ability to provide premium solutions and elevate the comfort and performance of marine vessels on a global scale. 


Stella celebrates 20 years

Stella marks a significant milestone as we celbrate 20 years of dedication to the marine industry, reaffiring our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.


Purchased Australian Davits & Cranes

Stella proudly expands its portfolio by acquiring Australian Davits & Cranes, expanding our product offering and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in the marine industry.


Partnered with WhisperPower

WhisperPower is a globally recognised name in the field of integrated energy solutions for boat, yachts, and other mobile applications. From our workshop in The Boat Works we manage the sales, distribution, and support of WhisperPower products through a growing network of service providers, installer and OEMs across Australia and New Zealand. 

Your vessel is our passion, that’s why we only offer engineered solutions we can stand behind.

— Gary Cooper, CEO