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Because quality and service counts

Stella was founded in 2003, born from an ideal that the Australian marine industry should have access to the same quality, service, and products as counterparts around the world. The vision at the time was to build an engineering company that would not only provide bespoke engineering services, but also bring access to some of the world’s best brands which were not yet available in Australia. From this simple idea we have grown into a marine engineering company like no other. We manufacture, distribute, and engineer the best possible solutions for any situation. We have remained focused on delivering the highest quality equipment and best possible service to each of our clients.

we are Proud
we are Reliable
we are Consistent
we value Quality

We Are Innovators

We have been building and progressing for over 20 years, constantly assessing our product range, business model, and processes. We are always re-imagining the way we do business to constantly improve our offerings.

We are a part of re-energizing the Australian manufacturing sector. We want to inspire the next generation of innovators to be proud of who they are and the work they do.

We Are Designers

Having an in-house naval architect within our team at Stella marks a strategic advancement in our commitment to achieveing excellence within the marine industry. Using specialised expertise and creative insights, we are continually elevating our product range to unprecedented levels of innovation, efficiency and reliability. 

We use state-of-the-art software which enables us to design and construct our products to meet the needs of our clients. Our thorough processes ensure compliance with the allowable stress based on the material we choose, as well as building in accordance with applicable technical regulations and safety standards.

We Are Creators

Turning your concept into a reality is our aim.

With an unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and precision engineering, we have earned a reputation as a trusted industry leader. Our skilled team of engineers employ state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure all Stella products exceed industry standards. 

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