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Watermaker Service

At Stella we service our own watermakers, stocks and supply consumables such as membranes and filters, rebuilds pumps, to keep you filling your tanks with freshwater constantly.

Our team are very well versed in the ins and outs of making fresh water from the sea and as such, have a unique ability to work through any system to identifies faults and repair.

Stella Watermakers offer a unique system that is simple to operate, simple to install and above all else, extremely reliable.

The Gen 3 and Aquarius series offer unmatched value for money that has been distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand, and now with dealers worldwide, our customers have been able to enjoy our Stella Watermakers on a global scale.

Watermaker Installations

Our team at Stella not only service our Stella Watermakers, but  we also supply and install them, so if you are looking at long range cruising, or need an endless supply of freshwater in places it’s not readily available, then enquire today and our dedicated team will help create a solution to suit your needs.

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